Friday, July 4, 2008

A Cappella Fireworks


If you get past the first hurdle and know what a cappella means, does that mean fireworks alone? No, I don't think so....

A nice little semi Circle event was held last night that included a concert by The Nylons and a fireworks show at a nice little venue close by called Hudson Gardens. Too Tall - Two Timing and K. are away in Breckenridge, Co so the semi Circle consisted of The Bride and me, his-self, Guitar and Pic-E. Some of Guitar's relatives were in town for a wedding and they accompanied us as well.

The Nylons is a four person a cappella group. That means singing but no band. If you want to talk about musical talent try listening to one person or a group singing for over an hour and a half with no band, no background music, no nothing excep
t their own voices.

Ah yes, back to the 50's and the 60's groups like The Belmonts, The Starlights, The Persuasions, The Platters.... Great music with great voices.

The Nylons did themselves proud. This Canadian group was not used to the altitude and their type of singing requires huge lung power so they really worked hard to belt out the 20 or so songs they performed. One of their signature songs is a cover of The Tokens 1961 hit version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. It certainly was one of my favorites. They not only sang the song but provided all of the background jungle noise of birds and animals. If you didn't know they were actually doing it you would have sworn that it was electronic background recordings.

They also sang Up On The Roof, originally recorded by The Drifters and taught me something about the song. I had no idea that it was co-written by Carole King? I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years. I was so skeptical that I googled it this morning...did I think they didn't know wha
t they were talking about? I don't know I just wanted 2nd party verification. I got it and I am now a more informed individual.

Anyway it was a great outdoor concert on a very pleasant July 3rd evening and what could be more appropriate than after the concert to enjoy a fireworks show.

This is a pretty small venue so we were up close an personal to the fireworks. By the end of the display everyone smelled like gunpowder and we had to brush the dust off our shoulders.

Today I plan to chill and not go out if I don't have to...It's a retired guy thing. Why go out among the heathen hordes if I don't have to. The Bride and The Emmer, on the other hand are going to a Rockies baseball game this evening. They will take the light rail train downtown in late afternoon, get something to eat and then go to the ball field. This is one of The Emmer's favorite things so she will have a memorable 4th as well. There will be a fireworks display at the field after the game. If I walk about a block to the green area between a couple developments, I'll be able to see not only that display but several others in the area all at the same time!

I don't do politics on this blog but I would like my readers to consider the meaning of the 4th of July. In these times when everything seems to be going to hell in a handbasket consider the history of this great nation. We have been in much more terrible circumstances in the past....many times in the past. This nation has the unique gift of unparalleled freedom. That's our trump card. That's why we will endure. Things may change. Things may never be the same. Things will most likely be better once we work our way through the current challenges. Like Mark Twain the reports of our demise are premature.

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Jerry1234 said...


Jerry Lawson here, former lead singer of The Persuasions. Thanks for the mention! Have a great holiday & if you ever wanna hear the masterpiece of ALL acappella check out my new cd. There has never been anything like it in the world of a cappella. I must admit it's the best I've ever heard & I've heard it all.


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