Monday, December 8, 2008

Ladder Lady, Felice Navidad and More Celebrations

The Bride's mother, Ladder Lady, arrived from North Carolina on Saturday afternoon and the weather was mild enough (mid 60's) so that it did not bruise her sensibilities. That however, may change tomorrow as we are now forecast to start getting snow this evening with a total of 4"-8" by tomorrow morning. Wednesday the temps will bounce back into the 50's so the snow will probably be all gone by Thursday.

We're hoping for good weather late in the week as CaJenn and CaJon will be arriving from the left coast to help celebrate The Bride's graduation on Saturday. CaJon is a Colorado native so the snow is fine with him. My daughter CaJenn spent the majority of her life in the South so she is NOT a fan of snow and enjoys her home in California because of the moderate weather there.

Last night we had a Circle "+" event. The Circle met at K and Too Tall - Two Timing's place for a Mexican themed start to the holiday season. Ladder Lady and The Emmer came along with The Bride and I. K and Too Tall - Two Timing's son and daughter were also there. The star of the show was Too Tall - Two Timing's new grandson. I never really considered Too Tall to be "grandfatherly" but he seems to be a very quick study.

I'm not sure I can describe all the food other than to say it was delicious and Mexican. Guitar was in charge of the Margaritas and even though I did not have one, it was apparent that his concoction met with the approval of the rest of The Circle.

After dinner we exchanged Christmas Tree ornaments. This is something that K cooked up and I'm thinking that it will become a yearly event. This way we will enjoy each other's company for many years and remember the fun times every Christmas season. Now the race is on for the cleverest...yet tasteful tree ornaments.

As I mentioned, The Bride has her graduation ceremony this coming Saturday. After the ceremony The Circle will gather at our house for a Low Country Shrimp Boil. This was an entertainment staple for us when we lived in Savannah and is a sure fire crowd pleaser. To make things even better, it's easy to prepare and very easy to clean up afterwards.

We plan a very casual evening with friends and relatives. We will probably inject a little more fun by having some contests on our WiiFit. We did a little of this a week or so ago with K and Too Tall - Two Timing and had a blast. Just to be on the safe side I have already moved a lot of the furniture out of the way in our basement so that if the participants get a little "zealous" they won't hurt themselves. Stay tuned for a report on this.

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Gene Bach said...

Put some of that shrimp stuff in a box and send it my way!

janeywan said...

Yum!! Please give my congratulations to the bride. Sounds like lots of good times headed to your house along with some of the white stuff.


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