Friday, June 12, 2009


For the past week or three, I’ve been taking hikes to various front range locations to view the wildflowers which are now in full bloom at this altitude. One of the great things about Colorado is that because of the wide range of altitudes in the state, you can see gorgeous wildflowers from late May until the middle of August. In June, the bloom is down here at 5000-6000’.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken while on these hikes.









Primrose Cliff

Wildflower Storm





 Yellow and Red Roxborough









Hiking has been a morning adventure because for the last couple of weeks, afternoon brings some vicious thunder storms and funnel clouds. Yesterday, Guitar and I almost got caught in a really bad one but escaped by the hair of our chinny chin chin!

Storm A Comin'





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Gene Bach said...

Great pictures man.


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