Monday, May 24, 2010

Plover Patrol – Last Part (5/23/2010)

Yesterday (Saturday) was terrifically windy. I’m talking constant wind of 35-40 mph with higher gusts. The wind was only one weather factor. The temperature made it to 94 degrees and that combined with the wind made it a less than ideal day to be outdoors. I did do three or four circuits of the nesting area but I didn’t walk around nearly as much as I had been doing. The water on the lake was so rough that there wasn’t a boat to be seen so I didn’t have to worry about boaters wanting to picnic on the nesting beach.
After my first circuit early in the morning and before the wind started I took a ride out into the country. This part of Colorado was in the heart of the Dust Bowl in the 20’s and 30’s and the utter desolation of the area was chronicled in Timothy Egan’s book “The Worst Hard Time”.

The countryside looks a lot better than it did during those hard times but there is still plenty of evidence of it left in the form of abandoned homesteads and prairie school houses. A lot of these buildings were built with local stone that was quarried locally. The picture to the left shows the remains of a prairie school that was named Good Intent School.

The wind thankfully calmed down today….for most of the day. As I write this however, it has picked back up to 35-40 mph. I guess I’m not going to be able to grill that steak I was planning on having for dinner tonight!

Anyway, I was able to spend more time doing my “patrol” and watching the birds. After one circuit I sat down and listed all the different birds I had seen this week. The count was over twenty with a number of them being birds that you just don’t see every day including Burrowing Owls, Lark Buntings and Pelicans….yes Pelicans, in Colorado!

On one circuit I also saw this “little fella”. I’m quite sure he has lots of brothers and sisters in the area and I’m really surprised I didn’t see more of them.plov13 I did not however, go looking for them.

Tomorrow morning I’ll pack up and head for home. I have two weeks at home and then I’m off for two Passport In Time projects back to back so I’ll be out for two weeks. More on that later.

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