Tuesday, May 29, 2007

27 May - The Road Trip is Over

All good things must come to an end.

That's the famous quote that I am now questioning. Why? Because.....Dang it. I surely didn't
want it to end. This was the longest trip I've taken yet with the trailer and now I'm thinkin' that I could do this full time maybe. Well, maybe not full time as in the rest of my life, but for sure I could do this for extended periods of time.

Whatever, I've got 794 days until retirement and until then it's just pleasant thoughts and practice. I
have vowed to "practice" every chance I get. I'm gonna keep doing this until I get it right!

As I menti
oned this was the longest trip with Bivouac yet and on this day I was anxious to start for home. Not because I wanted to be home but it was a lot of miles on a major holiday weekend and I had to drag Bivouac over a couple of pretty steep hills. The circle typically stretched things as far as possible on this last day leaving sometime in early afternoon. I guess I'll need to beg forgiveness for being a bit ornery about heading for home the next time we get together. (Too Tall, K, Guitar, PicE.....Hear that? I'm gonna claim one jerk credit according to the bylaws I just made up.)

Before leaving Moab we stopped by the city park to check out the Arts Festival. The ladies of the group have made a tradition of all buying something every year to commemorate the trip. Imagine that...a tradition of buying something...Nope. I'm not goin' there...

Even if the ride is taking us away from this magical spot and returning us to the real world of work and everyday hum drum life....It's still one whale of a pretty drive. In about 7 hours we went from the desert southwest, through the incredible Glenwood
Canyon and over the continental divide and down into the high plains of Eastern Colorado. It was a beautiful day and surprisingly, the traffic was very light. Bivouac followed us without a hitch....no that's not right. Without the hitch Bivouac could not follow at all. Anyhow no problems and The Bride drove for a couple of hours allowing me to get in some more practice on my napping technique. Here's some photos of the ride back.

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