Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's A Plan - The Trip To Moab

Short and sweet, here's the plan starting on Tuesday, week, for the trip to Moab.

Day #1

Leave as early as I can get The Bride up, dressed, coiffed, makeup-ed and otherwise travel ready.

Leave Denver metro area with "Bivouac
" in tow and drive to Rifle, CO.

Turn north to Rifle Falls State Park and pitch camp.


Day #2

Awake to the sounds of birds chirping and the gurgling of a mountain stream.

Eat a leisurely breakfast, commune with nature, listen to the James Taylor song "Secret O Life" ("The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time").

Hook up "Bivouac", proceed north through Rangely and view Indian petroglyphs in Pintado Canyon

Continue north and west through Dinosaur, CO to campground on west side of Dinosaur National


Day #3

Wake to the sounds of birds chirping and the gentle wind blowing through the Cottonwood trees.

Eat a leisurely breakfast, take deep breaths of country air, sing out loud the James Taylor song "Secret O Life".

Listen but don't hear cars, kids screaming, planes and other city sounds.

Tell myself, I'm a luck guy.

Hook up "Bivouac" and proceed to Vernal, Utah stopping to see "Big John" the Muffler Man and "Dinah" the pink dinosaur of Roadside America fame.

Continue south through Duchsene and Green River to campground in Moab!

Partake of fellowship with other Moab on the Rocks participants and....


Thanks for visiting and stay tuned..... This is just the plan to get there. Much more to be done there!

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carrie said...

love the geology of moab and colorado plateau


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