Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunday Can't Come Soon Enough!

Need I say anything at all? The picture pretty well explains it. It's going to be about like this here in the Denver area for the next couple of days. Meanwhile the forecast for the Tucson area is sunny and in the mid 70's.

I picked up the RV from the lot yesterday and luckily the weather was pretty decent. I was able to get all the outside work done by mid afternoon. I installed the two batteries that run lights/heat when there is no electricity available. The batteries go in the little compartment that you can see in the picture at the bottom of the coach behind the driver's door. It's a small compartment and it takes some time to get everything in and hooked up. I also did some maintenance work on the refrigerator which is accessed from the outside also. As you can see from the picture I also loaded the scooter on the carrier on the front of the coach. I would not have liked to do all of that stuff today!

Guitar will bring his stuff over on Saturday and we will do the final packing. We will leave bright and early on Sunday morning and hope to get as far as Las Vegas, NM and spend the first night at Villa Nueva State Park. They have year round camping and also have electricity and water. The weather there will be chilly...down in the 20's at night, so electricity is a welcome thing.

Right now that's about as far as the formal planning goes. We have to be in Tucson on Wednesday to pick up The Bride and Pic-E at the airport but between Monday and then we have no formal plans. We will probably head south of secondary roads and spend Monday night somewhere north of Las Cruces, NM. I'd like to go by the Three Rivers Petroglyph Site and a couple of other places on Monday. One possibility for Monday night is Valley of Fires State Park but we'll just have to wait and see.

We probably won't be anywhere with internet access until we reach Tucson so this will most likely be the last post till then. I will as usual take plenty of pictures to post when I get a chance so check back often.

In other news, I found out that I was not selected to participate in the Passport in Time project in March that I applied for. This was the project where artifacts collected over the past year or so by the Forest Service are to be "curated". The correspondence I received from the Forest Service said that there were many more applications than positions and "better luck next time". Rats! I thought an indoor project in March wouldn't have a lot of volunteers. Go figure. I have an application in for another project in June so I've still got something on the fire.

Finally, I want to wish #4 and his bride a Happy Anniversary. If I'm counting right this is #25 for #4?

Thanks for visiting.

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femail doc said...

Glad I checked in on your blog. We're just about to head out on a circuit through Utah, Ariz, and New Mexico, and I like the look of Villanueva park. Think I'll pass on Valley of Fires--too barren and too far away.


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