Monday, February 2, 2009

Airplanes, Taxes and Super Sunday

Nothing of great importance happening here right now. The Circle got together at Guitar and Pic-E's place yesterday to watch the Super Bowl. Guitar bought a brand new flat screen TV and I do believe we saw the game better than most that attended in person. I was rooting for Arizona so I was a little disappointed with the outcome. It was such a good game though, it was hard to be really disappointed regardless of the outcome.

If you remember the saga of trying to get to The Bride's, great aunt's funeral, I said I was not real hopeful about getting a refund for the airline tickets. After my first call to Northwest Airlines they did refund half the cost of the ticket but said since we did fly to Minneapolis and back they wouldn't refund the full fare. I appealed the case and submitted a request for a full refund through the Northwest web site as I was instructed to do by their call center. The next day I got an email saying that Northwest was experiencing a high volume of emails and I would have a response in 5-7 days.

Today marked two weeks since I received that email so I called the refund desk again. As much as I wanted to be ugly about the whole thing, I refrained. It is true that honey will catch more flies that you know what. I simply stated my case and told them this wasn't like a business trip that I could work around. Since it was a funeral it or die...pun intended. It would not have done us any good to get to North Carolina the day after the funeral. I also mentioned how "distraught" my wife was to kept from a family members last earthly ceremony. I guess I lucked out because they decided that they would make a "policy" adjustment and give me a full refund.

I could use a little more of that luck on my taxes for 2008. I started doing those with TaxCut software a couple of days ago and things are not looking too good. Maybe I should apply for one of those presidential Cabinet jobs...then I wouldn't have to pay taxes!

My great road trip to Tucson and back starts in two weeks! I've got road trip fever so bad right now I can hardly stand it. On Saturday I went down to the RV lot just to putter around and see if I could reduce the fever a bit. It didn't work. As a matter of fact I think it made things worse. I know I'll survive but I won't be cured until Sunday the15th gets here.

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