Sunday, February 25, 2007

Move Over Andy Warhol

Today, The Bride, The Emmer and I took a ride to Colorado Springs to hunt for vintage signs and eat lunch. I had read about a restaurant near the airport that included an old Air Force KC 97 tanker as part of the "ambiance" and you could eat inside the plane. That sounded right up my alley.

All I can say is the "experience" of eating in an old 1950's plane FAR exceeded the quality of the food. Oh well, I really hadn't expected much so I wasn't disapointed. Here's a picture of The Emmer standing in front of the dining room.

After refueling our stomachs we were off on a vintage
sign hunt....I was anyway. The Emmer had her iPod on and was oblivious to everything and The Bride was "humoring" me. I'm not saying The Bride didn't want to be doing this but I'm not sure it was on her list of top 10 things to do today.

The picture at the top of the page is one of the first signs we spotted. In addition to a new camera purchase lately, I have also gotten Corel Paint Shop Pro XI. It's a great program at a very affordable price. I would estimate it has about 85% of the functionality of Adobe Photo Shop and costs, with the current rebates, about $50. A great deal. If you're into digital photography, check this program out. But, I digress, the photo at the top of the page was "artsyfied", yes "artsyfied", (That's a well known term commonly used in Muffler Man circles.) using this program. I really like the way it turned out and was pretty simple to do. Here' the original photo. It's pretty interesting all by itself.

Probably the best find of the day is below. The Navajo Hogan. How cool is that? It's an eatery as well. I will have to assemble the circle and come down one afternoon so we can all eat...and be photographed here.

All in all it was a great weekend. Had a friends fix, read some history that I have been meaning to do, found some great signs and even had time to do a little Olympic air pistol shooting. I'm in town all the week so I suspect there won't be too much to post about. You'd better check a few times during the week though, never can tell when something just demands to be released from my brain to the blog.

Thanks for visiting!

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Tag(Carpet)Bagger said...

Great old signs - it's nice to see someone appreciating what goes unnoticed by most.


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