Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What Am I Missing Here??

The press continues to report that there is still debate as to whether or not using a cell phone while driving should be banned??

Who is debating the issue? Is there ANY doubt in ANY driving adult’s mind that the jerk (gender neutral) in front of you, talking on the cell phone, weaving in and out of the lane, speeding up and slowing down for no apparent reason, turning the right turn signal on and then turning left….is a danger to himself, other drivers, pedestrians, dogs on or off a leash (another vent, another time), bicyclists, trees, buildings and anything else unlucky enough to be in proximity of “said jerk”?

You can spot these people a half a block away. It’s so obvious that I make a game of it with my wife by pointing to a car far enough away that you can’t distinguish the driver and commenting “cell phone”. 99% of the time I’m right!

Other than the cell phone companies who would deny that using a cell phone while driving is “distracting” and can be dangerous??

The standard news article says that eating a hamburger while driving, reading (trying to raise IQ level from 0.1) or applying makeup while driving is also distracting. I gotta tell you there are WAY more people using cell phones while driving than all of this other stuff. Besides, SO WHAT? That doesn’t make using cell phones any less dangerous.

I say, make it illegal NOW. In EVERY state.

Thanks for listening to the vent…..One more question.

When I drop my daughter off at work at 6 am on Sunday morning, who is that woman in the SUV next to me talking to on her cell phone???????

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