Friday, February 23, 2007

This Bud's For You!

Last night the circle convened at Bud’s Bar to celebrate “Two Timing, Too Tall” Jeff’s (mumble)th birthday. First let me describe the venue then I’ll tell you about the celebration.

Bud’s is famous. Certainly in the Rocky Mountain West and maybe even in the world? Bud’s is a local bar & grill in the very small Colorado town of Sedalia that has been serving up world class burgers since 1948. It’s located in what used to be a garage and it’s not hard to imagine that heritage, even after 60 years of burgers and beer. The most extensive redecorating in Bud’s history occurred just a few months ago when they refinished the old wood floor and painted the walls. You could think of it as a 800 sq. ft. small western town “Cheers”. Accommodations include 4 or 5 handmade booths, about 4 or 5 old round oak dining room tables with a variety of chairs and a bar with about 10 stools…..Reservations are NOT accepted! People will stand in line for inordinate amounts of time to eat here.

The menu consists of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips (“We don’t serve no damn fries!” is prominently printed on what passes for a menu) and drinks. At any time, you might see cowboys, executives, soccer moms, construction workers…or us (the circle), chowin’ down at Bud's. Ain’t nothing fancy here but it’s a great place to celebrate.

Celebrating is what we assembled for. While “Two Timing Too Tall” isn’t as old as Bud’s, he’s no spring chicken either. Spring chicken or not, we aimed to give him something to feel good about on this day and the best we had to offer, besides a few hokey presents, was friendship. Friendship includes overlooking…or in our case, highlighting each other's "tender" spots.

Now if you remember, we added the tag “Two Timing” to Jeff’s moniker because he unknowingly (?) wore two watches on the same wrist one day not too long ago. This unusual fact was publicly pointed out by The Bride during a circle dinner, to all of our amazement, and glee, when we realized that we really had something on him now! Well, "Guitar, myself, Pic-E and The Bride decided to remind him of this by wearing as many wrist watches as we could find and "revealing" them to him at an opportune moment. As you can see from the photo we had eleven wrist watches between the four of us.

Sure enough, about halfway through the evening, one of the other guests said something about the time. I immediately said..."Well, let's see, what time is it now?" and unveiled my two watches. "Pic-E", I said, "I have about quarter to seven. What time do you have?" and Pic-E proceeded to unveil her FIVE watches and The Bride and "Guitar" chimed in with their two each.

Karen, "Two Timing's" bride, looked at us and then back at "Two Timing", and broke out laughing so hard, she about peed in her pants. The other guests who didn't know the background looked at us like we just ordered fries! After this bit of fun we gave "Two Timing" the obligatory old man birthday cards, a couple of other gifts and had birthday cupcakes that Karen brought, because Bud's don't serve fries...or cake!

So, "Two Timing, Too Tall", when you read this. Happy Birthday again from your friends. The friends that will never let you live it down...and will never let you down.

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