Sunday, April 15, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

They say that with age comes knowledge. Today I realize that, this is absolutely true! I have spent 35 years working in a particular industry and have suffered and enjoyed the normal ups and downs of the working life. In all those years I always thought that jobs were pretty much the same....didn't make any difference if you were an accountant, doctor, teacher, janitor, shopkeeper,... whatever. Most of us have to choose a "thing" to do in life and then have to deliver.

If I had only known when I was a young cub, trying out life, that there was this one particular vocation that could have made life a "sunny day"! One thing that I could labor at, one thing that I could invest my entire existence in....Why in the world would I have explored the military (very nearly making my life's exploration a very short story), and gone on to an industry that, well let's just say is an industry, if I had known that this perfect vocation was out there waiting for me?

Meteorology....God, if I had only known...Newspapers, television, glamor, glitz, all based on a probability, performance return of 50%...that is FIFTY is HALF. Your either right or your wrong. 50/50.

This weekend we were expecting >>>>

Instead we got this.

Think, "The Graduate", the academy award winning film in which Dustin Hoffman is advised "Plastics" as the vocation of a lifetime.....Sorry, I'll go with meteorology. Way less pressure!

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