Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just Around the Corner

Maybe it's just me but the last two mornings I have detected a "feeling" in the weather that reminds me that autumn is almost here. It has been pleasantly chilly in the mornings for a few weeks now but the "chilly" of the last two mornings has had something a little different to it.

In about three weeks the aspen will be at peak color in the mountains. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I don't know what it is, the weather is certainly great and in my humble opinion there is nothing more beautiful in the known world that a golden stand of aspen shimmering on a mountain side. To me there is a pleasant melancholy that also accompanies autumn. It's a feeling of ending but not necessarily a bad feeling. It's kinda' like the feeling you have after a really good're sorry that it's over but oh, so glad that it was to begin with. There's that warm glow deep down in your gut.

Autumn in Colorado is pretty short. Even though you know winter is close at hand, to me it feels like a beginning too. Time to start the cycle all over, and for me the cycle starts with winter.

It's not time just yet to start the cycle again...I'm gonna enjoy autumn first. I think this year I'll take an entire day to sit in an aspen grove somewhere and a good way.

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Marian said...

I love your pictures of the aspens....reminds me of Santa Fe, NM. My husband and I will be headed there on Sep. 19 for a week. His daughter, my step-daughter lives there and look forward to seeing her and family and the beautiful aspens. Hope to take some beautiful pictures like yours! Thanks for sharing.


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