Monday, August 6, 2007

Let Me Out! Let Me Out!

It's been four long weeks since #4 and I did our Colorado trip and I'm still not over outdoor withdrawal. It's so bad that I just have to get out. Vacation time isn't a problem so Wednesday, I'm outa here! Look at the picture above...can you blame me. This picture was taken from the top of Cottonwood Pass. I'm headed to Cottonwood Lake.

If you remember, #4 and I spent the last night of our trip at Cottonwood Lake. This is a lake that we camped at as kids back in the 1960's. Until that day last month, I had not fished in Colorado since the 1960's and on that day last month, I caught my first Colorado trout in about 42 years. That brought back such a rush of good memories that I've gotta do it again, so, Wednesday afternoon I'm taking Bivouac and headed for Cottonwood Lake. I've even gotten a new pair of fancy waders so I can fish in the beaver ponds back behind the lake....I'm just too old to do it in cutoffs and tennis shoes like I did in my youth!

This will be a family trip too...The Bride, The Emmer and Molly dog will drive up on Friday and meet me. It should be an interesting weekend as neither The Emmer nor Molly dog have ever been out with me in Bivouac...who knows maybe we'll have trout for dinner on Saturday??? Since I'll be out of internet range you'll have to wait till Monday to find out.

Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Can't remember if you can cook...if you catch a fish at least take some lemon, and bacon. have a good trip. K

Rico Silver said...

How fortunate that you can go. That looks beautiful, that lake. I've never been to Colorado but I sure wish I could move there. Well, I hope you and your family and Molly dog have a wonderful time! Can't wait for you to come back and tell us all about it. Be blessed!


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