Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rocky Mountain High and Cheap Sunglasses

So…Last weeks adventure had me humming Rocky Mountain High and a bunch of other John Denver tunes. It’s back in the city now and to balance out some of the “decompression” I accomplished at Cottonwood Lake, music of a different kind was in order. To make things even better it was different music with the full circle. Yes, all of us; The Bride, Too Tall-Two Timing, K, Guitar, Pic-E and myself, his-self went to a ZZ Top concert at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Now, I enjoy a lot of different types of music and was anxious to see ZZ Top, I just didn’t know if I was ready for a full concert? As it turned out we all had a great time and enjoyed the “event”….because it really was an event.

The crowd consisted of everything from young rockers to motorcycle types to aging hippies to stalwart upstanding clean cut types like ourselves. Watching the crowd was as entertaining as the stage shows. There was even one Japanese looking guy in a kimono and with a fan that was “rocking out” to one the warm up bands.

We had hopes that it would be even more of an “event” for us as K told us that she sat behind Billy Gibbons in high school! That seemed to be worth at least a back stage pass dontcha’ think? Probably what she meant was that she sat in the same class….a year behind him because he didn’t seem to recognize her sitting in the crowd some 40 few years after the fact!

The warm up bands were the Stray Cats and The Pretenders. Two pretty famous bands in their own right. Of the two I really liked the Stray Cats better. I liked the 50’s flavor of the rockabilly songs they did. I also liked the fact that they truly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After about 2 hours of warm up bands ZZ Top started at about 8:30 pm. For a while it looked like we might get soaked with a pretty vicious looking thunderstorm but luckily it drifted off to the east of Red Rocks. Lightening must have struck somewhere however and started a fire because before too long an odor wafted in that smelled like old rope burning???

ZZ Top is a great show…iconic, mystique are terms used to describe their persona and performance. They did not disappoint on this night. They even had me doing the Top Shuffle half way into the show. Oh, by the way for those of you not familiar with this group, one of their biggest hits is entitled “Cheap Sunglasses”….hence the post title. The show was over too soon and it was time to head home. After all this is a Monday night and I have a date with the dentist for a root canal Tuesday morning!

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Anonymous said...

ZZ Top, Rope Burning, 40 years ago, can't be prouder to have these memories. K. Martin Hager

Anonymous said...

and I am thinking about having a tizzzy fit because I cannot find a worthy review... people, are our reading glasses fogged up by the rope? give me a break,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,red rocks and zz is music...do you guys not have computers?

gmttzy said...

Nice site.. Wishing you a Happy Sunday! Keep the articles coming!


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