Sunday, September 23, 2007

Circle the Wagons!

After my rather depressing post of Wednesday, I have something a little more uplifting to look forward to this week.

I mentioned in a previous post that Guitar has recently gotten a one ton dually truck and an awesome Arctic Fox truck camper. Well, Too Tall-Two Timing was kinda feeling left out so he recently purchased a 26' travel trailer. Now that all of us in the circle had RV's what would be more appropriate than to have a Circle the Wagons camp out? The event is to be made even more festive because it is K's mumbleth birthday.

Right now our plan is to leave the Denver area sometime Friday, drive a short distance to Golden Gate State Park and set up camp for the weekend. This state park has year round camping with both water and electricity so Guitar and Too Tall-Two Timing won't have to rough it too bad on this first outing....This will be the very first time camping in the new trailer for Too Tall-Two Timing and only the second time for Guitar.

With just a little bit of luck on the weather this could be a perfect weekend. The temperature is really starting to get "fall-ish" and the Aspens should be in fine autumn form. I promise that I will take lots of pictures for a post when we get back.

We had to wedge this trip into an otherwise busy schedule. I had volunteered some months ago to help out at the Tesoro Foundation's annual Spanish Market on Saturday morning. I joined this organization about six months ago because of my interest in Western history. If I enjoy myself at this event...and I fully intend to, I,ll probably volunteer on a regular basis in the future. Maybe I'll even find an outlandish bolo tie at the market! Waugh! So, I'll take Bivouac the trailer to the park on Friday and Saturday morning, I'll drive back to the site of the market.

While I'm doing this The Bride will be taking an online test for a college course she would like to get credit for. The Bride has been attending night courses for about fifteen years now, working towards an accounting degree. She hopes to finish next year. She will need that degree to support me in the style to which I've been accustomed, once I retire!....Anyhow, she will join us at the campground on Saturday afternoon.

So....stay tuned for the full report on The Circle's, Circle The Wagons adventure!

Thanks for visiting.

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#1 said...

You're burning daylight ...Pilgrim.
You circle the wagons and I'll take the fishing fleet out!


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