Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Circle

The last hurrah for the summer and like millions of other folks we had plans and ambitions. When I say we, I mean The Circle. A gracious invitation from K and Too Tall, Two Timing led us all to the ski resort town of Breckenridge, CO for one night in a very nice 3 bedroom condo. All of us really wanted to do more than one night but we just couldn't arrange it. Not to worry though because after several years of practice we, The Circle, can pack a lot of fun and laughs into just about any allotted time.

The plan was to leave the Denver area on Sunday morning, check out the happenings in Breckenridge, have dinner and fun and return on Monday. The return part was only for The Bride, myself, Guitar and Pic-E. K and Too Tall, Two Timing were going to spend a whole week there.

The Bride and I decided to make our way to Breckenridge by way of a very picturesque old road through Boreas Pass. This route follows the old gold miners trail that became a wagon road, that became a railroad bed, that finally became an automobile road. The scenery is spectacular and the road is easily passable by most cars. The Bride and I wanted to see if there was any hint of color change yet in the aspens at altitude.

It was a gorgeous day, the scenery was spectacular but there was no definite hint of yellow in the aspen leaves. It looks like it will be about two more weeks. The picture to the left was taken just past the summit of the pass looking down into the
valley. If you look close you can see Breckenridge in the center of the valley and some of the ski slopes on the left side of the picture.

As we were descending, I stopped to take some pictures and ran into these cowgirls who wanted me to take their picture. Being the gentleman that I am I was more than happy to oblige them....after all it's part of the cowboy code! They were obviously having a good time and after the picture rode off into the mountains.

We arrived in Breckenridge just about noon and met up with the rest of the circle for lunch and planning the afternoon events. Check in time for the condo was not till 4 pm so we decided to check out the annual art show in town then pick up supplies at the grocery store and go to the condo.

The art show was a pretty big affair for a town as small as Breckenridge. Plenty of booths and a lot of interesting stuff. Pic-E found a wonderful sculpture that included a small dachshund that reminded her of her pooch. We couldn't quite talk Guitar into getting it for her...he just didn't think $22,000 was reasonable and doubted is ability to negotiate it down to $22? If you look at the picture to the right you can see Too Tall, Two Timing...and you will see exactly how he came to be known as "Too Tall".

After the art show and a supply run we headed for the condo and proceeded to just have a heck of a good time. Conversation and libations were followed by a ste
ak dinner that just hit the spot. Guitar stepped up and took over duties as steak chef and we have decided that he can keep the job...permanently. Following dinner there was more conversation...and libations....and entertainment provided by Too Tall, Two Timing. He wanted to dispel the myth that tall people can't dance and proceeded to wow us with his personal rendition of the Hat Dance, the Blues Brothers Shuffle and several others! You can see clearly that we were in total awe of this Arthur Murray side of him..

Monday morning came all to quickly and The Circle had to disband and make our way back to our separate lives. We did however, start making plans for several other Circle events so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting.

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jill terry said...

You lead a very rich and wonderful life!


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