Saturday, September 1, 2007

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We Pointed Them North, Recollections of a Cowpuncher- Edward C. “Teddy Blue” Abbott is another book in the Lakeside Classics series distributed in 1991. The original book was published in 1939 and is a delightful reminisce of a Texas cowboy who participated in numerous trail drives in the 1870s and 1880s.

If you want to read about the life of a real Texas cowboy and be thoroughly entertained while learning, this is the book for you. Born shortly before the Civil War, Teddy was working family cattle in Nebraska by the time he was fourteen. While still a teenager he ran away from home to join the great cattle drives from Texas to different points north. For over twenty years he was a part of one of the greatest of all American cultural groups.

A cowboys life was hard and when they got the chance they played…hard. Teddy Blue recounts the everyday chores and privations of the cattle drives. He also describes the hell raising fun, drinking and women in a way that no one before him had. One of his greatest stories is exactly how Edward E. Abbott acquired the moniker “Teddy Blue”.

For a plain ‘ole cowboy, Teddy Blue rubbed shoulders and bent elbows with some of the American West’s most famous characters. One of his best friends was Charlie Russell who would become a famous artist and sculptor. He shared many a drink and good times with Calamity Jane.

This is a first person historical narrative of the best sort. Reading the book you feel like Teddy Blue is right beside you, telling you a story. And what a story!

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