Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time Flies...

Wow, it's been a week since my last post. Time really flies now that I'm retired. I'm keeping pretty busy with not very interesting stuff to post about. It really is nice to have the time to do all the routine stuff that I used to try and pack into the weekends.

Thursday night was cheesbugha night at Bud's and all of The Circle was there. Saturday night we all got together again for dinner at our place so we've had our Circle Fix for sure this week.

I've been doing little things to the RV like replacing some of the "speciality" light bulbs that were burned out. Had to order them online as I couldn't find anywhere in town that carried them. They are for the footlights in the bedroom, bathroom and doorway and look more like a fuse than a light bulb. I've also got an appointment with a locksmith on Friday morning. The previous owner had a home built rack on the roof for his kayaks. they were fastened to the luggage rails with Yakima towers and he had lost the keys to the locks. I would leave the rack there except I want to put a vent cover over the vent in the bedroom and the position of the rack won't let me do that. So, the rack goes.

The rest of the week is pretty filled up. Sometime this weekend I cracked a tooth and have a dental appointment tomorrow morning to have it looked at. I'm guessing I'll probably need a crown. On Thursday, I have to take The Emmer to the airport. She is going to North Carolina to see her grandmother for a week. She is looking forward to the trip.

Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. I found your website recently and really enjoy it. I know what you mean about time flying. I am a stay at home mom and people think that because you are at home all day that you are sitting around watching TV or something. It is amazing how many little things(and not so little things)a person can find to do that fill up a whole day. Then, before you know it, a whole week is gone. I hope you are enjoying retirement. I know your wife and children probably enjoy having more of you for themselves.
P.S. I live in North Carolina with my husband amd four-year-old son.

Janna said...

Sorry to hear about the cracked tooth!


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