Friday, April 11, 2008

Adios, Dewey Bridge

On my trips to Moab, I usually get off I-70 at the almost ghost town of Cisco, UT and take the very scenic Hwy 128 that follows the Colorado River south into Moab. Not too far from Cisco is the Dewey Bridge, an old historic structure that is on the National Register of Historic Places....I need to change that to "was"...The bridge burned down a few days ago. It's thought that a young boy playing with matches started a brush fire which ultimately claimed the bridge.

I'll miss that old bridge. It was a landmark of another sort for me. On our trips to Moab I knew that once I passed this bridge going south, I entered the magical kingdom of southeastern Utah slick rock. The Circle has made numerous trips to Moab and we never fail to have a spectacular time so this bridge, to me, represents stepping into happiness. Part of that happiness is gone because one of the symbols of the journey is gone.

Right next to the bridge is an old abandoned gas station/general store. Several years ago K. snapped this picture of the men of The Circle seriously considering retiring in Moab.

Adios Dewey!

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