Thursday, January 22, 2009

Major Road Trip Plans

Guitar and I have roughed out plans for a major road trip at the end of February. I just wish it was next week instead of three weeks off. We've been wanting to do this for awhile and it seems as if everything is now coming together.

Here's the highlights. Guitar and I will leave in my RV on a Sunday morning and head south through Trinadad CO, Raton NM, Las Vegas NM on I-25. We will then get off the interstate and work our way through central New Mexico as far south as Las Cruces. At Las Cruces we'll pick up I-10 and head west to Tucson AZ. On Wednesday of that week, The Bride and Guitar's wife, Pic-E, will fly into Tucson and we will all explore the Tucson area until Sunday afternoon when the ladies will fly back to the Denver area. Guitar and I will then work our way back north through central Arizona and cut back into New Mexico at Gallup and then on back to the Denver area. We will get back home around Friday or Saturday of the second week.

Tucson was picked as the southern terminus for several reasons. First of all it should be warm in the 70's or 80's. It will be a refreshing break for February in Colorado. Secondly, Guitar's cousin has been wintering down there for a number of years and is staying at an RV park on the south side of town. He has lined up the sights for us to see while we are there. I met him about six months ago when he passed through town towing his vintage 1971 Avion trailer...a very cool trailer. He also writes a blog, Sandcreek Travel so if you want to see what we are getting into, give him a visit. Finally, I spent about 6 weeks at Ft. Huachuca, just south of Tucson, when I was in the Army and always wanted to go back and explore the area further Now I will be able to do just that.

Those are the highlights. The in between stuff we're still working on but you can bet that Guitar and I will find some interesting and probably weird stuff along the way. I'll keep you updated as the plans progress.

Closer to home, The Circle is going to meet tonight at Bud's Bar for our kinda regular weekly burger and then on Saturday we will be going to the Chuck Pyle concert that I mentioned in the last post.

Thanks for visiting.

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