Saturday, January 3, 2009

We All Move Up In The Line Of Life

The Bride and I will be travelling to North Carolina tomorrow to attend the funeral of her Great Aunt.

Aunt Elaine was a unique individual. She was a "spinster"...a word probably either not understood or very much misunderstood in society today. A vibrant personality and very strong willed. Born in 1916, she grew up in pivotal times in America. She rode to school on a horse with her brother and sister in Nebraska before her family moved back to their familial roots in North Carolina.

She was a school teacher. A graduate of Appalachian Teachers College, Cl
ass of 1937, she taught school for her livelihood. I didn't know her in those years but I have no doubt that she could have given the Catholic nuns of my later school years, a good run for their money!

She was tough and ornery and strong willed and probably never married because of that. Her family was her brother and sister's family and she became an icon to the extended family. We will miss her greatly.

As to the title of the post, I think I have mentioned in earlier posts that I have this perception of life that we are all waiting in a line, the line of life. As our relatives pass on we move up towards the front of that line. I am now at the front of the line and The Bride is not too far behind me.The good news is that this line does not move at any pre-determined speed and judging from my parents time in line, I have many more years to wait.

Sorry for the melancholy happens.

So, today was pretty chaotic. Not only did we have to find airline flights at the last minute for tomorrow but we also needed to take down the Christmas tree and put away all of the Christmas decorations.

We'll be back on Thursday and there won't be any further posts till then.....

Thanks for visiting.

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janeywan said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, please express my condolences to your bride.

A very nice tribute you have written here. I love the old photos. Hope you have a safe trip.


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