Monday, March 2, 2009

Adrift In The SouthWest Again - Part IV

I don't know how I'm going to tell you all that has transpired since my last post. Since there was so much activity I think I'll just summarize and not give you all the details.

In my last post I indicated that Guitar and I picked up our wives at the Tucson airport on Wednesday the 25th. With Jamie and Betsy as our tour guides, we six visited Tubac and Patagonia for some shopping and sightseeing. Tubac was quite the upscale, funky town with a lot of interesting shops that kept the ladies busy. I managed to find a soft western hat that I couldn't live without so it is now part of my hat collection.

On Friday we all drove to Tombstone and Bisbee. We passed by the touristy downtown Tombstone area but visited
the historic Courthouse which was very interesting. Bisbee is an old mining town that now caters to tourists and has plenty of jewelry and antique stores. I think we looked at every single one. Guitar almost bought an antique bolo tie but decided to wait and see what he could find on the rest of the trip. As it turns out he liked that bolo tie more than anything we saw on the rest of the trip. He has the shop's phone number and I'm betting that he'll call them and buy that bolo.

On Saturday we visited the Arizona-SonoraDesert Museum and Saguaro National Park. In all my travels over the years I've never seen a saguaro cactus up close and personal. By
Saturday evening I had added that experience to my list. It was beautiful and entertaining. Saturday evening, Jamie and Betsy's daughter and son in law were our hosts for a dinner of home made tamales. The word "outstanding" would be a good descriptor for the quality of the food and company.

Sunday morning Guitar an
d I took the ladies to the airport and they flew back to Denver. They loved the Tucson area and have already said that they want to go back. By this time Guitar and I had been on the road for a week so a load of wash was in order but before we did that there was one more chore to accomplish.

Somehow, someway, on Friday I broke my Panasonic Luminix camera. I had downloaded some pictures and the door that covers the battery and memory card slot broke off. It was unrepairable because the door hinge is a moulded part of the camera body. I was crushed. I have had that camera for a number of years and it always provided good images. I was also in a bit of a bind as I didn't want to go through the rest of the trip without a camera. After a conference with The Bride it was decided that I should get a new camera before I left Tucson. So, Sunday morning as soon as Best Buy opened up I went in and got a Nikon D60. It was a step up as far as digital cameras are concerned but I did have a Nikon N60 film camera before I switched to digital.

Camera acquired and laundry done, Guitar, Jamie, Betsy and myself headed out to the Empire Ranch for a couple of h
ours. This is an historic ranch and many of the buildings are open for the public to get a glimpse of what ranch life was like a hundred years ago.

Monday we drove southeast of the Tucson are to Ft. Bowie National Historic Site. I'm always interested in military history and because this was an old cavalry fort it really piqued my interest. To get to the fort requires a 3 mile round trip hike. The hike in however gave the experience a little more realism. The weather was perfect even if it was a bit windy. Before we got to the fort itself we passed by the post cemetery. Cochise's son Little Robe was buried there. All of the military people who were buried there were moved to another cemetery when the fort was deactivated but there are still a number of civilian graves there, most with the notation "Killed by Apaches". A dinner Monday night at more of the Kimbrough clan Tucson branch and we called it a night.

Guitar and I were to leave the Tucson area and head back to the Denver area on Tuesday morning and that's a good place to stop the report for now. Stay tuned for "The Rest of the Story".

Thanks for visiting.

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