Monday, March 30, 2009

Unpredictable Spring

Unpredictable is a good word for it! Several weeks ago when we were in the uneventfully mild winter, The Circle planned a Circle The Wagons camping trip for this past weekend. We had to cancel that because of a pretty good snow storm that moved in on Thursday and left us with 18-24" of snow. The picture at the top of the post is of Molly Dog in our back yard after almost a full day of melting snow, so you can imagine how deep it was before the melt. The storm moved out late Friday and the weekend was absolutely gorgeous with bright blue skies and temps in the 70's.

Because we canceled the camping trip we decided to get together on Saturday afternoon and try our luck at bowling and then get a pizza for dinner. It had been over a year since we last tried bowling. I wasn't very good then and I can report that in the intervening year, I haven't gotten any better. This, in spite of the fact that I do pretty good with Wii bowling...go figure.

Too Tall - Two Timing and K
picked The Bride and I up at our place and we headed to a very small bowling alley in the little suburb of Englewood. Guitar and Pic-E met us there. The bowling alley only has 10 lanes so it is "intimate". Since we were there last they turned the pool room next door into a full service bar with a connecting doorway. That made for a festive time for us all and reduced the "angst" of a few balls gone wild. To further lessen the angst we put up the gutter guards ensuring that none of us would have gutter balls....look we admit we're hacks at bowling and need all the help we can get. Besides we were doing this for enjoyment, not trying to make the "team".

Even with all the help I wouldn't have made the "team". I placed next to last. Too Tall and The Bride fought over 1st and 2nd place and Too Tall edged out The Bride by not too many pins. We all had a great time and vowed to not let another whole year pass before we did it again.

After bowling we headed to Littleton for pizza. The pizza place was quite crowded and when we arrived they said it would be a 30-40 minute wait for a table for problem we headed for the Irish pub down the street and gave them our cell phone number. It was a great evening, we had one drink at the pub and then had some great pizza and a lot of fun conversation. Even with all that excitement we were home by 9 pm!

So the weekend was fun and the weather was just great. Another storm blew in late last night and it's snowing again. The forecast is for the mountains to get hammered again but little snow here on the front range...that's the forecast, but at 9 am this Monday, it's snowing like crazy and we have about 1.5" on the ground already. The rest of the week will be intermittent snow with two more quick moving storms blowing through on Wednesday and Friday....It's Springtime in the Rockies.

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dot said...

Cute pictures and very colorful. Nice to see good friends getting together like this.


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