Monday, March 23, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that it's not snowing....the bad news is that it's not snowing....

The Denver front range area narrowly missed a really intense spring storm. Heavy snow is predicted for the mountains, the front range north of us and blizzard warnings are out for the plains east of us. Yesterday we basked in 79 degree temperature and we'll be lucky to hit 50 today.

As much as we would prefer the 79 degrees, the front range is desperate for the moisture. This year is racking up to be one of the driest on record. The good news is that the mountains have had an above average amount of snow this year so drinking water is not an issue. Plants and animals along the front range will suffer and wildfires are almost guaranteed.

The storm will move out of the area Tuesday but by Thursday another small storm will move into the area. This is bad news because The Circle has a Circle The Wagons, RV weekend planned. This trip is just kind of a warm up test run before the main season begins. We have planned to spend Friday and Saturday nights at Mountaindale RV Resort which is about 70 miles southwest of here. This is not my normal style of camping as I prefer the more remote locations but it will do fine for a quick weekend get-away, and with all of The Circle present, we will have an "entertaining" time.

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Gene Bach said...

Pretty dry here too. Decent snow in the mountains, but still a ways below normal. South of us, in the Sacramento Valley, could be interesting this year as far as water supply goes. Lake Shasta looks like a river.


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