Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Mile Post of Life

I began paying Social Security Taxes in 1964 and have paid them continuously until December of last year. That's 44 years by my count. Today I became eligible to apply for the return to speak. Instead of paying in I will start receiving payments in August of this year.

I decided to apply online and had some trepidations about that, but it proved to be a pretty straight forward and easy process. Let's just hope that it's not a black hole on the other side of the process and my application actually gets to where it needs to be!

While this is a milestone of my life, it's a minor one. A much bigger one will be when I receive the first check. At that occasion there will be a real celebration.

Not a whole lot else going on this week until Thursday. On Thursday I'll bring the RV to the house and start preparing it for our trip to Southeastern Colorado on Saturday. Once the RV is here I'll also try my new magic potion to try to remove the graphics from the side of the RV. I hope this works or I'm going to be in a world of hurt!

I searched all over town for the plastic razor blades I referred to in my last post, without any luck. Most of the people I asked looked at me like I was crazy. I finally found a source online and ordered some. I hope they arrive by Thursday.

There are a lot of things in the works for more adventures this summer and the calendar is filling up fast. Right now there are definite plans to go to Moab over Memorial Day. I have volunteered for four different Passport in Time projects between June and September. Each of the projects lasts five days but I won't know if I'm accepted until about a month before the event. One of these projects is an archaeological survey in Southern New Mexico, in September. If I'm accepted for this one it will take me two days of travel to get there. The Circle has also made plans for a Circle The Wagons camping event in a local state park in August. I'm also planning on a couple of fishing expeditions to the mountains in between major trips.

It looks like a busy but fun summer so stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting.

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