Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Done With The Prairie Chickens Yet

The weather this week has been wonderful and there is no sign of the snow we had only a week ago. We're in for a little rain this weekend but the temps are pretty much out of the snow zone.

I've decided that I will take a solo trip to way southeast Colorado, Granada, to be exact, and do the Prairie Chicken tour on Thursday morning. I'll leave here on Wednesday morning in my RV and spend the night parked on the guide's ranch. I've been over much of this route before but there are several places I want to stop either before or afterward. I'm thinking I'll spend either two or three nights out.

Granada, CO has the unenviable distinction of being the location of the Amache Relocation Camp that housed over 7000 American citizens of Japanese descent during WW II. There's really nothing there now other than a small monument but I still want to visit.

Another stop will have to be Ft. Lyon, which is about 50 miles west of Granada. I have driven by this site several times but never really investigated the place. It's an interesting place to me because it was one of the forts on the Santa Fe Trail and because Kit Carson died here. Currently there is a National Cemetery there as well as an old Naval hospital that treated tuberculosis and is now owned by the Colorado Prison System.

There are two other sites I'd love to see but I can't get there in the RV. The first is the Sand Creek Massacre Site, another sad chapter in our history. The second is Hicklin Springs, an Indian petroglyph site. This one is just the sort of thing I seek out but it looks like with my RV I won't be able to get even close. I will ask some questions while in the area and maybe I can find a way to get close enough to do a day hike in and out.

This weekend I'm busy doing my demo job at the local big box. One day I'm doing Kraft, South Beach Living Bars and Pizza and the other day I'm doing Fiber Plus Bars and Special K. These are normally pretty popular "give-aways" so the time should pass quickly...and it's gas money for the RV!

Thanks for visiting.

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