Sunday, April 19, 2009

If They Danced, They Did It Without Us


A week or so ago I did a post entitled “A Miss Is As Good As A Mile”. In that post I described how we just missed a pretty good spring snow storm. Well, this time the weather guessers got it right and we had 2 days of snow/rain/sleet and generally just an ugly time.

The snow started at about 6 am on Friday morning. By early afternoon the roads were more of a mess than normal. The problem was that the temps hovered right around freezing so a wet snow would accumulate, melt some and freeze on the streets. The Emmer called from work at about 3 pm and said she wasn’t sure she could make it home in her little 2WD car so I went to get her with my little Suzuki Grand Vitara. I actually had to usspring2e LO 4WD to get through and even then I slid around a bunch. I’m really glad The Emmer decided to call me an not just give it a go. Because the snow was accumulating and melting it’s hard to say exactly how much we got. I’m guessing a solid 18” but it could have been more.

Yesterday morning it was still snowing like crazy so we had to cancel our trip to Eastern Colorado to see the Lesser Prairie Chickens dance. That part of Colorado got just a little snow and some rain but there was no way to get there safely. This morning is sunny here so they probably danced without us. I’m bummed. Our collective schedules are such that there is no way to reschedule for this year. If we want to do it as a group we’ll have to try next year. My schedule is more open and I’m seriously thinking of doing a solo trip in about a week and a half to see it.

By late yesterday afternoon the storm had started to subside and the plows had pretty much caught up with things so as a consolation prize, The Circle decided to get together at Pic-E’s and Guitar’s place for dinner and entertainment. Pic-E and Guitar provided the main course and the rest of us provided salad and dessert. After dinner we decided to play an electronic catch phrase game. spring3We divided into teams, men vs. ladies and used a small hand held device that provided a phrase associated with different topics. The person that was “it” had to provide clues to their teammates and get them to guess the phrase. All the while the electronic gadget was beeping a set amount of time away. When the phrase was guessed the device, still beeping, was handed to the other team for the next phrase. Points were awarded for guessed phrases and when the allotted time was expired the team left holding the bag…I mean device…lost a point.

All of us gentlemen were quite surprised at how competitive, and frankly unladylike, the ladies became during the competition. I heard a number of descriptive phrases uttered that made even me blush! In the picture above you can see K. flashing the “loser” sign to the gentlemen when she managed to successfully complete her turn. Belly laughs were plentiful and we all had a great time. The gathering broke up pretty early because K and Too Tall – Two Timing were headed out on a business trip to Las Vegas early this morning.

The Bride took tomorrow off for our cancelled trip so we will look for something interesting to do in the local area.

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