Monday, June 18, 2007

"Guitar" Gets Hatted - The Finale

About ten weeks ago, Guitar took the big plunge and committed to a custom cowboy hat from Smitty of Colorado Mountain Hat Company in Fairplay. Too Tall and myself had already gotten our hats from Smitty, and I guess Guitar just couldn't stand being the odd man out....although come to think of it he is plenty odd...but that's another post all to itself.

Back in late March, Guitar chose the style, the color and even the hat band but because this is truly a custom hat it takes about 10 weeks for the final product to be ready. This is not your "go look in that stack of hats and find one that fits" thing. Smitty uses the outline that the conforminator provided at the first sitting, but there is still fine tuning to be done and that requires a final sitting.

Smitty also has to instruct Guitar in the "rules of the hat" if you take it off and set it down, set it on the crown not the brim. There are other rules too and this is serious stuff after all it's a CUSTOM hat. You can see in the picture below that Guitar is
really concentrating on remembering all the rules.

Finally after a few tweaks t
o the fit, and a few last minute instructions from Smitty the hat is passed (in more ways than one) to Guitar and he is now a member of the custom cowboy hat circle!

As part of this elite circle we also showed him the secret handshake....The picture below does NOT show the secret handshake because if it wouldn't be a secret anymore so for the purposes of this post Guitar is "pretending" to do the secret handshake!

All of this had a serious impact on Guitar and he was caught up in the solemnity of the moment, so much so that he bought lunch! Amazing what a hat will do to a guy.

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