Thursday, June 14, 2007

Headed South

June 14 - Yes, it was a pleasant night. Earlier last evening a bunch of cars pulled into the park around Bivouac and I thought my Joe Btfsplk was kicking in again. After looking at the cars again I noticed that they were all Vws. Seems like the local VW club was doing an evening drive and pulled in the park to chat. There were about 5 Beetles, one dune buggy and one van. Pretty cool. Since I was “roughing” it I turned in when it got dark at about 9:00 pm and consequently I was up at light…about 5:00 am. That was alright with me as I wanted to cruise the downtown area to see if there were any neat buildings and with Bivouac behind me, earlier is better.

Sheridan has a very nice downtown area. Not large but neat and clean with several notable buildings including the Mint Bar. When I saw the sign I kicked myself for not looking downtown last night so I could get a shot of the sign with the lights on. As I stood there at 6:20 am the “opening” crew walked up to the front door. Some sweet talk by me (ah yes, His-Self still has IT!) and they turned the sign lights on just so I could take a picture….not as good as at night but you get the picture...see above

After a couple of pictures it was on the road south to Buffalo, WY. The guide book says it’s a pretty neat downtown area….they are right. Central to the downtown area is the Occidental Hotel. This is a restored old hotel that Teddy Roosevelt stayed in at one time. The hotel has won the honor of "Best Hotel in the West" from True West magazine.

I was there at about 8 am and there was hardly anyone on the streets. I wandered into the hotel and looked at the lobby, bar, barber shop and restaurant. Breakfast was being served on the outside patio so I sat down and had a cup of coffee which they gave me for free. My kind of place!

After spending about an hour downtown it was time to head south…gotta make
it home sometime tomorrow so I can be with Guitar when he gets his “caboy” hat!

The guide book said there is a city park in Wheatland, WY that offers free overnight camping with electric and water. I’m getting into this “free” stuff. I didn’t mention it the other day but my one night in the KOA at Devil’s Tower cost $40!!!. I could almost stay in a motel for that. Anyway, free is good.

I arrived in Wheatland and found the park at about 1:30 pm, set up Bivouac and had some lunch. Today’s training schedule included a session of taking an afternoon nap in Bivouac……which I completed in fine style. The campground has a pay for use internet hotspot which I signed up for ($9.95) since I wasn’t paying any camping fees. It’s proving to be quite a hassle as the reception fluctuates quite a bit. If this doesn’t get posted on the 14th you’ll know why.

This is my last night on the road and this trip has surpassed my wildest expectations. I suppose tomorrow night I’ll start Rvers post partum blues but I have to keep reminding myself that this is practice for the big event. When that time arrives I will be able to go when and for however long I like, if I can get it byThe Bride. I expect, however, that after about a month of retirement she'll be the one suggesting I go somewhere!

Thanks for visiting.

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