Friday, June 29, 2007

Road Trip With "Little" Brother

Several weeks ago when I posted plans about my Wyoming trip, I got a call from my "little" brother, #4. He commented that he had some vacation time coming up and wouldn't mind a road trip if I had space available. The Wyoming trip wasn't possible with him because of the dates I had planned but I told him I was doing another week long "training session" in July and this one would be in the mountains of Colorado. That suited him, so I got to planning.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have three brothers, two of which are younger and I have one older brother. We now are scattered throughout the US and Canada and consequently don't see each other too much. #4 and I probably have seen more of each other over the years than the rest of the brothers. That's because for a while we both lived in Texas and then for a 10 year stretch we both lived in Georgia and saw one another periodically. As brothers go we get along famously.... probably in part because there is an 8 year age difference and I was out of the house, on my own during his "formative" years. The picture above is of #4 and me in about 1969, which is obviously in #4's "formative" years. You can see why I use quotation marks around the term little when I refer to him.

So that's an introduction to #4. I will admit that he's less geeky now and I'm not ashamed to be seen on the street with him anymore. Besides that he
's a fantastic cook and if I play my cards right on this trip I won't have to bring that extra case of Beanie Weanie's that I normally take when I want to eat high on the hog. You'll hear more about him in later posts.

Here's the short plan for the trip.........

Day #1 - Drive from Denver Metro area to the vicinity of Marble, CO

Day #2 - Go from Marble to the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Day #3 & #4 - Soak up the Colorado high country at a campsite at 9300' elevation in the general vicinity of Creede, Co

Day #5 - Drive to and spend the night at Cottonwood Lake. This particular spot was a favorite of our parents when we lived here in the mid 1960's and we camped here as a family many times. I don't think #4 has been back to this place since we left Colorado in 1965 so it will be interesting to see if he remembers anything about the place after he sees it again.

Day #6 - Darnit we gotta go home!

We leave in eight days!

Thanks for visiting.

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