Thursday, July 5, 2007

Birthday Greetings

On Sunday I'll be off with my brother, #4, for a week in the mountains. During that time we'll not have access to the internet so I'll do a little early posting to wish myself a happy birthday!

July is a busy month in my family. My birthday is on the 12th. My father's birthday is on the 13th. His mother's birthday was on the 10th. His father's birthday was on the15th. I'll tell you more about them in a separate post.

This year I will be 60 years old. Yes, SIXTY. It's hard for me to believe although I will admit that my boyish looks are starting to recede somewhat. I am perfectly at ease with my age. I grew up in an atmosphere where age was respected and honored and I have always felt that it was a privilege and an honor to attain an advanced age. I am now in that position but there were at least five times during those 60 years that without the help of providence or luck or whatever you want to call it, I could not have survived.

My birthday however, should not be a morbid recollection, so here's some random thoughts and facts about my 60 years on this planet that you may find entertaining.

My mother's mother was born the year after Custer was massacred at the Little Big Horn.

I grew up in a time when turn signals, heaters, radios and automatic transmissions were all optional equipment on cars. Seat belts were unknown.

As a child I was quarantined in our house because I had the measles. A "QUARANTINE" sign was placed on the door and no one was allowed in or out....and the doctor made house calls.

Even though I spent a lot of my childhood in warm climates, I didn't live in a home that had air conditioning until 1972.

My mother's father told me stories about the first time he ever saw an automobile or an airplane. He also told me about visiting Civil War veterans and listening to their stories about the war.

My father is one of the last of the "horse soldiers". He started his military career in the horse cavalry.

My first car was a Corvair.

I was born at home without the assistance of any medical professional.

My father's father fought in France in "The War to end all Wars." and would NOT talk about it.

There were only 48 states in the Union until I was 13 years old.

I went to Italy with my family on a converted WW II troop transport ship, the MSTS Darby.

The tinsel on the Christmas trees of my early childhood was made out of lead strips that we flattened and saved from year to year.

I can remember a time with our family "before" television and listening to the Sunday radio program that read the Sunday newspaper "funnies" on the air.

The Twist, The Pony, The Swim, The Mashed Potato and The Shag were all dances I was proficient at.

My first legal, paying job, recompensed me at a rate of 50 cents an hour.

My memory is not to the point that I cannot remember these things clearly.

Thanks for visiting.

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Rico Silver said...

How awesome to read about all the things you had or did without while growing up. Thanks for sharing that information. Happy Birthday by the way.


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