Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Circular Event

It's been a while since the circle got together in full force. Almost two months. I'm thinkin' that our Moab trip was the last time all six of us were together so Saturday it was time to "turn" the circle.

This entire day was planned by the ladies of the circle. The Bride, Pic-E and K worked hard in coming up with something to occupy us for the entire day....Well, it was even better than that. They planned the day so that there was a morning activity and then a couple of hours for a break and then we resumed our get together in the evening.

The morning's activity was a visit to the Museum of Nature & Science to see the Titanic Artifact exhibit and then see the IMax showing of "Ghosts of the Abyss". I had never been to this museum so I was particularly interested in going there. It took us a couple of hours to see just the Titanic exhibit and the IMax film. There is a lot more to see in the museum so I'm putting this on the "rainy day" or "winter day" list and for sure I'll be back.

A couple of hours of mind expanding activities will put the "hunger" on anyone so the circle was more than ready for lunch. K suggested we go to Annie's Cafe and I readily agreed as I hadn't been there and had never even heard of this place....Write this one down folks if you're looking for comfort food in a 1950's style atmosphere. A great little place with a knockout soda fountain menu. I don't even remember what I had to eat, but I'll never forget the butterscotch malt! Whoa! Makes you want to "saang"! Next time I go there I'm not gonna waste room on sandwiches and stuff, I'm gonna have TWO malts.

By the time we finished a leisurely lunch and conversation it was almost 2pm so we all decided to take a break and meet again for dinner at 6pm. I'm all over this kind of schedule because this allows me to squeeze in a nap....which I did. So far the day is a big success...Oh, in all of this I did not have a clue as to what was planned. You see, this was kind of my birthday "adven
ture" since the circle hadn't been able to get together since that august date. The dinner destination, too, was totally unknown to me.

Six o'clock rolled around and Too Tall and K appeared at our door to drive to dinner. Too Tall and K have a new "ride" and it will seat six so he volunteered to drive so that we could all go in the same car. (There is another story in this that I'll post about later!).

We picked up Guitar and Pic-E and headed for dinner at Cafe Prague in the little foothills town of Morrison. Morrison isn't really a "mountain" town but it's higher up than most of the Denver suburbs and sits in the mouth of a canyon leading up to the mountains. A picturesque little spot. As the name indicates Cafe Prague is a Czech restaurant that also serves European fare. Certainly not your run of the mill American place.

As a group we, the circle, have no problem keep ourselves entertained and having a good time where ever we are and so it was with this night. A great restaurant, good friends and good

For me, this has been a fantastic weekend. The Emmer made it over the hump and got her drivers license. I had a whole day with the circle and saw things I hadn't seen before....had a great dinner....even squeezed in a nap!

After we dropped Guitar and Pic-E off at their home, The Bride and I sat in the "way back" of Too Tall's new ride and I was instructing The Bride on some of the basics of retirement....I think she's a quick study too...

Thanks for visiting.

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