Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'll be out of "internet range" next week so I'm posting some things early.

Next Friday, July 13 is my father's 89th birthday. "The Colonel" is a member of "the greatest generation". He's a depression kid that grew up in the poorest of circumstances. He struggled to make his way and found the US Army. The picture above shows him as a private in the 102nd Horse Cavalry just before WW II.

He spent 30 years in the army and during that time took night courses for about 20 years to get a college degree. After the army he got a masters degree was a teacher, a guidance counselor and a principal of a Catholic High School.

At the same time he was a husband to his one and only sweetheart of 65 years, raised four sons and put them all through college.

Every now and again when I give myself a couple of pats on the back for making it to the place in life that I now am, I think of him and realize that there is a reason he is a member of "the greatest generation". I can't hold a candle to what he accomplished. My toughest times were insignificant compared to his everyday early life. He is truly a model of what's good and decent. A husband, a father, a teacher, a friend.

Happy Birthday Dad......from "the good looking one".

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a wonderful tribute


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