Monday, July 16, 2007

Day #6 For #4

Well, I guess the party is over for this trip. Time to pack up and head on home. Before we do however there are several more things I want to do. First, I have been meaning for years to take a picture of the drive-in theater sign in Buena Vista. This one isn't as fancy as the Movie Manor I visited the other day but it's still a neat thing to see an operating drive-in. Since it was on our way through Buena Vista it only took a couple of minutes to get the picture.

Next stop was Fairplay and the Colorado Mountain Hat Company to get a tune up for my hat. We got there just as Smitty was opening up and #4 was amazed. Being from a large city in the Southeast "cowboy" hats were not his thing, but a custom Fedora? Smitty just happened to have a couple of styles on display and before you could say Fedora, #4 was under the conforminator to get fitted. He's gonna look sharp in the city when he gets his custom hat in about 12 weeks!

I got my hat tuned up while all this was going on and it was time to head on down the road.

One more stop before we got home...Coney Island Hot Dog stand in Bailey, CO. I've described this place to you in earlier posts and #4 wanted to stop there for lunch. I didn't have a problem with that at all so it was hot dogs and onion rings for lunch. We got there a little before noon but there was already a line outside. That doesn't necessarily mean a long wait however because the inside is so small not many people can fit in at one time.

#4 sprung for lunch and I grabbed one of the two tables inside. Even though it was a gorgeous day outside, I had to let #4 soak up the ambiance of
eating inside.

After lunch we couldn't postpone the goin' home part any more and were back at the house by 2pm. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and looking at pictures from the trip.

First thing Saturday morning, I drove #4 to the airport and we said our good-byes. I had a blast on the trip and I'm pretty sure he did too. The both of us got to act like brothers again and I'm thankful for that.

Who knows, maybe we'll do a repeat next year?

Thanks for visiting.

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