Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day #3 for #4

#4 has now seen two pretty different sides of Colorado...time to move on and show him some more mountain landscape. This day we're headed to Rio Grande Reservoir deep in the San Juan mountains south of Lake City, Colorado. Lake City is famous for being the site of Alfred Packer's famous cannibal dinner.

It's a very scenic drive from the Black Canyon to our chosen campsite. A lot of the drive is high on a rim overlooking deep valleys with a twisting road. Aspen, pine and fir trees provide a scent that equals the smell of the best of foods.

Keeping to our established routine we got to the campsite right at noon, had a leisurely lunch and set out to explore. The picture at the top is not too far from the campsite. We saw deer, marmot, all kinds of colorful birds and of course hummingbirds. Hummingbirds fascinate #4. When he saw the feeder I brought along, he thought maybe we'd the trip. He was not prepared for 5 or 6 or 8 all at one time at the feeder. The one pictured here was waiting his turn at the feeder.

Since part of this trip is a training exercise for both #4 and myself we spent some time training on the water pump. Even though Bivouac carries her own water you just never know and being stranded somewhere with just a water pump can spell disaster unless you have the training to use one.

#4 had a good technique but I just didn't have the heart to tell him that if you don't use a just don't get it!

My original plan was to stay at this campground for two nights but after going over things with #4 we decided to move down to Alamosa for the next night so that we could get to the internet, phone coverage and pick up a few supplies.

Still on pioneer time we were in bed at dark, thinking about what might come the next day.

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