Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day #2 for #4

I’m thinking that #4 is a quick study. He seems to be picking up on this camping stuff without much difficulty. I’ve even got him keeping “pioneer” hours….up at light - to bed at dark.

Monday morning we were headed to Black Canyon of the Gunnison. I can’t believe that in my years in Colorado, I had never been there. Most people go to the south rim of the canyon because that’s where the visitor’s center is. I had determined however that the more primitive north rim would be our destination. It was a terrific choice. The campground we stayed at had only 13 camp sites and only about 5 were occupied. We could see across the canyon to the campground on the other side and it was jammed.

The weather was a bit warmer than it was on Sunday mainly because we lost about 1000 feet in elevation between Sunday’s camp site and at the canyon. We set up camp at about noon, had a leisurely lunch and set out to explore.

What an absolutely fantastic place. I can only
describe it as a “personal size” Grand Canyon. It’s not very wide at all. You can clearly cars and people on the other side. But deep………Wow! At one point it’s 2772 feet deep! That’s over a half mile…straight down. The viewing areas are right on the rim so you can look straight to the bottom….if you dare. It can make you dizzy. Pictures really don’t do it justice but I took a ton anyway.

After seeing the sights we "
retired" back to camp to chill out. Dang it if #4 isn't about up to catch up to me in relaxing technique. Dinner consisted of home made meatloaf that The Bride sent along with us, pasta salad and tomato and cucumber salad.

Tuesday is back to the mountains at Rio Grande reservoir at an altitude of 9300 ft.....

Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

Glad you and #4 are alive. We survive here without you, Guitar lives. His new birthday is 7/9/07. Seems like a lucky number. K

Rico Silver said...

What beautiful country. I would love to move to Colorado if I could afford to live there. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us. Looks like you and #4 are having a great time! Good for you guys. :)


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