Saturday, October 20, 2007

On Our Own - 3 Days Down

The Bride and her mother have been in California visiting CaJenn and making preparations for next June's wedding since Thursday. The Emmer and I have now been "On Our Own" for three days and thing are going famously. This adventure is going to be a snap!

Thursday The Emmer had to pull a double shift at work so dinner for me was a bit of left over pasta. Last night we decided to go all out and have leftover meatloaf with corn and mashed potatoes.

Lest readers think that all we can do is leftovers, be aware that the mashed potatoes were made by The Emmer and I...from scratch! It was a true father-daughter bonding experience as I explained the intricacies of boiling potatoes and then the proper wrist position for mashing them. To make the experience even more special I decided to add garlic for garlic mashed potatoes. She didn't say so, but I know The Emmer was just bursting with pride over the fact that her father could make garlic mashed potatoes!

Tonight we have been invited out for dinner so that's another day done. Sunday, I'll be fasting for a routine medical exam so that's still another day that dinner is not an issue.
Tuesday night I am dining at the famous Fort Restaurant. The Tesoro Foundation, of which I am a member is having a dinner in appreciation for it's volunteers...of which I am. So, yet another day's dining taken care of. This "On Our Own" adventure is turning out to be not so very challenging at all. There's a distinct possibility that I won't have to resort to Red Baron cuisine at all.

The Bride called home last night and said that they were having a wonderful time in California. After two solid days of shopping, they have finally purchased a wedding dress. I didn't even ask her what was next as at this point, I don't think I really want to know. Strangely enough, yesterday I had a voice mail from my banker saying that he wanted to meet with me and I have a sneaking suspicion I know what it's about!

Today is a turning point for the weather. Right now it is a classic Colorado fall day. Sunny, cobalt blue sky, 80 degrees. The forecast is for a storm to move into the area tonight with snow developing tonight and into tomorrow. Doesn't look like a lot but it sure will be a change from today.

Because of the change in the weather, Guitar, Too Tall - Two Timing and myself figured it was time to winterize our RVs. We met up first thing this morning and went to the storage lot where we drained all the water out of the RVs and then used an air compressor to blow out any remaining water from the lines. A little RV anti-freeze in the plumbing and we were done.

If you're wondering about the picture at the top of the post....The Bride took my camera with her to California so I had to resort to stock photography to give you the "flavor" of our culinary adventure. Our from scratch mashed potatoes would fit in the photo very nicely I think.

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AuthorMomWith Dogs said...

You have made yourself a nice life. It's been a fun visit and I'll be back.


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