Friday, October 26, 2007

Over On Our Own...

Well, The Bride returned on Wednesday night from her trip to see CaJenn and to do "wedding stuff". It sounds like she had a wonderful time and is getting into the swing of this wedding thing. I've got to be real careful about getting information from her as I may not really want to hear all of the $pecifics! All I really know is that three DEADLY serious, giggly women spent a number of days in California depleting the wine supply...and my dollar supply.

Tuesday night I attended the appreciation dinner for Tesoro Foundation volunteers at the Fort Restaurant. It was a very nice affair with buffalo enchiladas for the main course. There were about 20 volunteers present. Holly Arnold Kinney, daughter of the late Sam Arnold and Executive Director of the foundation gave us an update of the Foundations activities in promoting Southwestern culture, art and history. The evening ended with participants giving the Mountain Man Toast....

Here's to the childs what's come afore
And here's to the pilgrims what come arter
May your trails be free of grizz
Yer packs filled with plew
And fat buffler in yer pot!

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