Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Our Own - Once Again

I am not incapable of relying solely on my own talents to navigate everyday life. It's just that I have a family and am not used to doing so. Readers will remember my last "On Our Own" adventure and see that I can cope.

With that as a preface, it is time for The Emmer and me to be "On Our Own" once more. The Bride and her mother S. are leaving for California tomorrow morning to spend time with daughter #1, CaJenn, who will be getting married next June. They will be gone for a week. That's seven days of dinners that The Emmer and I will have to accomplish "On Our Own".

This time however, The Emmer, after catching a lot of grief from me the last time, did not tell The Bride that we didn't need any help, and could manage "On Our Own".

Because I was able to restrain The Emmer's youthful exuberance, The Bride has been preparing extra helpings at our normal dinners so we should make it "On Our Own" just fine this time. Besides, we've got a brand new oven and microwave...and Red Baron has some really innovative pizza products these days.

No,coping for dinner "On Our Own" is not the problem this coming week. Three California...planning a June wedding is a much more serious problem! This is a problem, the magnitude of which, gets me all trembley. Makes me want to break out in hives. Makes me want to convert my entire estate to cash and bury it somewhere up in the mountains. Makes me want to call Rev. Moon. Makes me...well, you get the idea.

Three women, all giggly and DEADLY serious at the same time.Three women who want to make a statement to the world. Three women, who, at the nod of a head, could make me a pauper. Three women for a California. God help me! This is really bad because under most circumstances, if I got into a real jam, I could sell my first born. That's not an option here because it's the first born that's getting married to begin with!

The only male, even almost related, that could act as a rudder, a voice of reason, a counterpoint, a stick in the mud, a beseeching voice in the wilderness, is the husband to be. He's in California too. Do you think he is going to play hardball with his mother in law...before she even is? Will he stand up to his mother in laws mother to be??? Nah...and I guess I can't blame him.

Is that the smell of toast burning or me?

Express your sympathy in the comments section.

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#1 said...

E Nomine Patre' .........
I'm just glad that you are the one who had daughters!

Anonymous said...

I think you mis-spoke, two women are still here in Colorado that could up the ante....ah poor his-self.


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