Sunday, March 18, 2007

On Our Own - Chapter 4

Seven days and seven nights have elapsed since The Emmer and I began our adventure of "On Our Own". Notwithstanding several fires, some broken dishes and altogether average (except for Karen's lasagna and my New Orleans dinner) eats, we have survived. No deep cuts, serious burns or other flesh wounds. We will be replacing the oven and microwave but that is not because of the activities of this past week as I will explain later.

Good to my word, Emmer and I ate out on Friday night. We went to Chili's and Emmer had quesedillas and I had a rack of baby back ribs. Emmer really enjoys eating out and doesn't get the chance to do it too much so this was a treat for her. Last night we grilled steak on the barbecue.

My bride arrives at the airport at 5:30 pm so we will probably stop somewhere on the way home for dinner. The Emmer will be consigned to leftovers for tonight.
All in all I didn't find the cooking part too difficult. It was the coordination of all the different pieces of the dinner that I lack skill in. I suppose that part is an acquired skill......which hopefully I won't have to acquire for a couple more years. At any rate as a result of The Emmers rash statement which got us into this situation to begin with (Aw mom, we can "make it on our own".) we have proven that we can indeed make it "On Our Own". I just pray that we have a while before we need to again.

As I mentioned earlier we are going to have the oven and microwave replaced. Really, this has nothing whatsoever to do with my adventure of the last week. The oven really has not performed right since we moved here 11 years ago. The self clean cycle would jam about halfway through the process and the only way to return to normal operations was to cut the electricity off at the breaker panel, let the oven cool down and restore the power. We managed to live with this for 11 years but a couple of weeks ago the microwave began to act up and it was the last straw. Last weekend I ordered the oven and microwave that the bride had picked out. Hopefully it will be installed in about two weeks.

The weather was so nice here yesterday (mid 60's) that I spent most of the day working in my travel trailer. Even though it's about a month too early to risk camping, I de-winterized the fresh water system by draining all the antifreeze out and sanitizing all the fresh water lines. I also had 2 vent covers installled that will allow me to keep the roof vents open when it rains. This is important because the trailer can get real stuffy fast if all the windows and vents are closed while people are in it. Finally, I replaced the manual furnace thermostat with a digital one that will operate much more smoothly and keep the furnace from cycling on an off so much in cold weather. It also has a digital temperature read out so we will be able to tell what the inside temperature is.

I'm hoping that next month we all can go camping for a weekend. The Emmer and Molly dog have never camped with us and I think they would enjoy it.

I'm in town for one more week before I travel again but I have a couple of things I want to post about so be sure to stop by.

Thanks for visiting!

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