Monday, March 19, 2007

Is It Genetic? Is It Contagious?

I'm referring to Muffler Man-itis. This interest or obsession with 25 ft. tall fiber glass humanoids is certainly not your run of the mill, everyday, common, humdrum, workaday, commonplace, conventional interest. You really have to be looking for something to be interested in to develop an interest in Muffler Man.

So, the question this a genetic condition? Are my offspring doomed by the genetic double helix to spend their life searching for the Holy Grail of the undiscovered Muffler Man? Should I just include gas money in my will for the time that t
hey will drive 300 miles to investigate the rumor that a strange giant mannequin might be a heretofore unknown variant of Muffler Man?

Or, is this a much lesser affliction? A contagion? Nothing can be done for a genetic condition but something that is developed as a result of contagion is not necessarily fatal or even permanent. People have recovered completely from leprosy....but a lot don't. Not everyone dies from small pox.....but a lot do.

Is it genetic? Is it contagious?

Email from my daughter who lives in California entitled, "Dad, this one's for you!"
We were about a mile outside a small town called Guerneville when I saw it in the
middle of a trailer park. When I told Jonathan to stop the car so I could take
a picture he looked at me like I was nuts. But I knew if you were here you'd
want a photo of it so here you go...

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