Thursday, March 15, 2007

On Our Own - Chapter 3

The count is down to THREE! I have been in New Orleans for the past two days and on Tuesday at least I dined in a manner more like that to which I was formerly accustomed.

The trip started with the prerequisite delay for my flight. I say prerequisite because the majority of my trips over the last few months all have had some type of flight delay. It seems for some reason this time, United Airlines wanted to update the onboard navigation computer. I really couldn't figure that one out but it did seem odd that all of the people who got off the plane in Denver were wearing Mexican straw hats, shorts, flip flops and Tommy Bahama shirts? Well, whatever they did worked, because the pilot found his way to the Crescent City without any problems.

After a couple hours work with our local business contacts we decided to head out for dinner. My anemic slack jowled look induced by 4 days of "On Our Own" may have had some influence on the matter but that was fine with me. I wanted to eat and eat well.

The last time I was in New Orleans they took me to K-Paul's which is owned by Paul Prudhomme. Dinner that night was fantastic so my sights were set pretty high. I had visions of Emeril's but my hosts said they wanted to go to an out of the way, local spot. They said I wouldn't be disappointed and I was not.

We had dinner at Clancy's and it really was a "local" restaurant. In my eyes local is even better and the food was proof. As an appetizer I had oysters and brie a fantastic combination. This was followed by a Boston salad, baked snapper with avocado sauce and for desert, chocolate brownie pie with caramel ice cream. While it didn't make up entirely for having to deal with lawyers for two days it went a long way in reducing the curse of "On Our Own".

Yesterday, after a full day of work we tried to make our way back to the Denver area and not to to depress and frighten the travelling public with the exactitudes let me just say I arrived at home at 2 am this morning.

I did go into work for a few hours and it's a good thing I did because if you'll remember The Emmer and I are "On Our Own" and I have three more dinners to conjugate....We can now lower the count to TWO.

There is a meeting room right next to my office which gets pretty heavy use and today was no exception. Today it was a lunch meeting and lunch consisted of burritos!!! When the meeting was over and all the people had vacated, I cruised through the meeting room and snagged two burritos. I am not one to look a gift burro in the mouth!

I didn't tell The Emmer about my find but told her I was going to make one of Grandma's famous recipe's that she had never had before.....burritos. The recipe was so secret I said that I didn't know if she, Emmer, was worthy to behold this wonderment in its creation yet. Therefore she needed to remain out of the kitchen whilst I did my magic.

For about 45 minutes I banged around the kitchen, ate some chips and salsa and left obvious "cooking" signs around the kitchen. I then put the two burritos on a pan to warm in the oven and called Emmer in for dinner explaining that we just had a few minutes until we could partake of Grandma's legacy.

I could tell The Emmer was not overly impressed but she certainly didn't want to impune the memory of Grandma so she ate with a feigned gusto. Not wanting her to feel bad about her late grandmother's culinary abilities, I allowed as how I probably didn't capture the magnificence of Grandma's original recipe and that perhaps tomorrow we could eat out for dinner.

Dinner out will leave ONE more "On Our Own". Stay tuned....

Thanks for visiting.

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the night owl said...

Hi Larry,
Thanks for stopping by my blog site.
I would like to visit New Orleans!!
Our BIG DAY is tomorrow.I am ready; and my daughter and family will be here today to help celebrate.Have a great day > Baba


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