Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last post I got you as far as Fairplay and the "hatting" of Guitar John. After leaving there we drove to Buena Vista and ate lunch in an old saloon. It was snowing pretty hard by this time and we all wondered if we were going to have trouble making it the last 30 or so miles. Being as how I wasn't driving, I didn't have any doubts about getting there....either we did or we didn't.

It turned out to be not too bad and we got to Leadville in early afternoon. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town, looking in a great antique store and then hitting the highest brewpub in the U.S. Highest in altitude that is. We did see a couple of patrons that could have possibly put an entirely different spin on the "highest" part. The picture below represents the "circle of friends". A drink for each of us. Can you guess who's drink is who's? How about who is guzzling the beer? Wait a minute, there are two manly beers in the picture and four girlie drinks. Which one of the guys is drinking a "precious" drink?....HINT, HINT see the previous post about hats, "precious" hats.

Later that evening we had dinner and then went to the Silver Dollar Saloon for a nightcap. The Silver Dollar was opened in 1879 and to look at the inside it had changed very little since that time. We reluctantly left Sunday morning for the trip back. Rather than describe the trip any more let me just leave you with a few pictures....and thanks for visiting.

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Femail doc said...

My mom grew up in Leadville in a house that looked about like the blue one you've photographed, except no one painted houses blue back then. Your photograph down main st. is fabulous---I'm going to show it to her today, I think it will jog some memories back to front and center in her fading brain.


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