Sunday, March 11, 2007

On Our Own - Chapter 1

Yesterday morning at, as they say in the army, O-dark-hundred, I took my bride to the airport for her semi-annual trip back to her folks place in North Carolina. She will be gone for a week and during that week The Emmer and I are “on our own”.

Normally, about a we
ek before The Bride leaves, she starts making extra portions of our regular meals and sets them aside for the week of her absence. This year, The Emmer told her that that wasn’t necessary. WE could make it…“on our own“! If I have enough strength left at the end of the week, I’m going to have to talk to that girl about WE!

Being an “almost retired guy”, however, I had no doubt that with Emmer’s help we could live high on the proverbial hog! After all, I can do a mean Lean Cuisine and my technique at ordering out Chinese is second to none. I used to cook for myself before we were married…I’m told Hamburger Helper has really kept up with the times over the last 30 years. As long as Emmer can show me how to turn the oven on we’ll be fine.

Dinner #1
Stuffed Chicken Breast

Risotto Provencal

Mixed Vegetables

Piece of cake….the fire in the oven actually gave the chicken breast a faux barbecue look/taste. By tomorrow we should have the microwave cleaned up enough for another attempt….can’t believe you can’t use metal bowls in a microwave! It must be some type of retail conspiracy to make people buy new bowls.

Sunday I think I'll be a little more adventuresome. Who knows, maybe I could make a second career out of cooking...after I retire. What's Emeril got that I don't? Stay tuned.............

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