Monday, November 5, 2007


I swear I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't even know I did it, but Guitar has come down with Road Fever too. The Circle got together for a quick dinner last night at Red Robin and I could tell immediately that there was something wrong with Guitar. He had this slack jawed, blank stare, bad hair kinda look about him. His hands were twitching like he was yanking on a steering wheel and he kept mumbling something about the hot water bypass valves! Oh yeah, Road Fever big time!

This morning I got an email from him begging me to help him with "The Cure". If it were anyone else, I'da told them to get their own cure but Guitar needs all the help he can get. Besides, he took the first step....which can be the hardest. He admitted he had a problem. He said straight out that he had Road Fever. He was powerless. He couldn't cure this himself. He needed help...

ow, I think I already said in a previous post that Guitar has an awesome rig...diesel dually with an really big Arctic Fox camper. It's a rig I dream of....and he needs help...hmmmm.

OK, I'm gonna help him with the cure but we'll use his rig for the cure. Sounds fair to me? He's been with me in my rig a couple of times so this will work out fine.

I'm still working on the details of "The Cure". I'll have to consult a lot reference books because if I don't do this right, Guitar could be stigmatized for life! His bride, Pic-E would never forgive me! I could be ostrich-sized from The Circle. I've got a lot of research to do and only 3 more days to do it in so I'm gonna have to cut this post short.

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#1 said...

Obviously his-self can't spell worth a ....... must have been the advanced age or maybe the MI training because The Cid sure won't own up to it!!!

Anonymous said...

shopping, wedding, shopping, wedding, shopping, wedding, ....wait do I continue on, and on....?


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