Friday, November 30, 2007

You Know It's Winter When...

You know it's winter when I stop procrastinating and perform the yearly ritual of exchanging positions of the lawnmower and snow blower.....and I did that last Sunday. Timing is everything so they say and even if my timing was not precise, at least I haven't been stuck with needing the snow blower and not having it at hand.

We've actually had 3 light snows already this year but nothing of any consequence yet and it looks like we have dodged the frozen bullet this weekend. The forecast is for a pretty l
arge storm in the San Juans, to the south of the metro area. They may get up to three feet of snow in the next two days. The same storm will dump up to a foot of snow on the northern mountains.....skip right over the Denver metro area and cause havoc on the plains of Colorado and Kansas.

Our summer comfort depends on our winter discomfort and this year's snowfall has been relatively puny so far. I'm hoping that thing pick up and the mountains get hammered....that's the way it's supposed to be in Colorado!

I'm taking a vacation day today as I still have a fair amount of vacation left and it's one of those "use it or lose it" situations. I DO NOT intend to lose anything

It looks like we may have a "semi-Circle" gathering for lunch today. Guitar is going to come by shortly before noon and pick me up. We'll then fetch Two Timing-Too Tall and look for
someplace to eat lunch.

After lunch I need to go and visit my trailer, Bivouac. The previous owners sent me a recall notice they got for the refrigerator in the trailer. I need to check the serial number out to see if mine needs to be repaired. Quite honestly I don't think the refrigerator ever worked very well on propane so I'm almost hopeful that it needs repair and that will resolve a cooling problem that I have noticed.

Last year I purchased a photo editing software program called Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo. After reading a number of reviews it looked like this program had most of the functionality of some of the high priced programs, for less than $75. I bought it and have been playing with it ever since. The pictures here, were altered using this program.....I'm having fun just trying stuff out....Don't think I'll ever get elevated to "artist" status but hey, it keeps me off the street.

Lot's of stuff going on next week which I'll tell you about in future posts so stay tuned.

Thanks for visiting.

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