Monday, December 3, 2007

Score One For The Weatherman

I have denigrated the profession of meteorologist in past posts so I think it only fair that I acknowledge that they got this one right....for my location anyway.

At the end of last week the local soothsayers were saying that the southern and northern mountains would get snow, the eastern plains would get some rain and ice and "his-self land", right smack dab in the middle, would escape untouched. Incredible as it may seem, that is exactly what happened! The San Juan mountains got as much as four (that's 4) feet of snow. The northern mountains got up to two feet. Just north of the Denver metro area they got rain and ice. If you've read the papers today you know what the Midwest and the New England area got.

I sat here most of the weekend looking at a sunny sky and moderate temps. We did get a little rain with snow flurries on Saturday afternoon but it only lasted for about 45 minutes. Go figure?

I'm not complaining at all. This is what I want Colorado winter to be. Snow magnets in the mountains and go easy on his-self land. The call so far is for this week to be mild as well.

This just in from the "Huh?" desk....the snow was so heavy in some places that they had to postpone the men's World Cup Super G ski race in Beaver Creek....snow cancels ski event...?

I'm hoping the meteorologists make it a string of two accurate forecasts because Friday night is the annual Circle Christmas Dinner. All six of us will be primed for a good time and a great meal and we don't need the hassle of bad weather to make things complicated.

By the way, if you remember my last post I said the guys of The Circle were going to have a Semi-Circle lunch last Friday. Well, we did and had an enjoyable time at the B & B Cafe in Castle Rock. This is an old restaurant that opened in the 1920's and is still in operation. They have a great old sign outside and a wonderful counter and back bar made of marble and onyx that was brought down from the mining town of Leadville. The food is so-so....road food kinda stuff but it's the place more than the food. The place is made even more interesting by a bullet hole in the ceiling that is plainly visible. The bullet hole is the result of a shootout between a Denver desperado and the local marshal in 1946...the marshal lost and was killed. I brought my camera so that I could post a few pictures of the place but when I got there I discovered that the battery was dead. Sorry.

Finally, this Sunday I leave to go visit my Dad, The Colonel, for a week. More on that later....

Thanks for visiting.

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Vic Grace said...

They never seem to get the weather right where we are. Tonight we are meant to go down to -29C so I hope they are wrong again.


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