Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Circle's Christmas Dinner 2007

Another year has gone by and it was time for The Circle to get together for our annual Christmas dinner. This years event was held at Cafe Prague Restaurant in Morrison, CO. We had eaten at this restaurant this past summer and enjoyed ourselves so we decided to choose it as the site for our Christmas dinner.

Before dinner however, Too Tall-Two Timing and K. picked up The Bride and me and we gathered at Guitar and Pic-E house to exchange gifts and partake of a cocktail or two. Now when we exchange gifts, the idea is to give something creative or useful and not expensive. This year's gifts included K's hand made shadow box of items gathered on our Mosquito Pass excursion, coon skin hats for the men from Guitar....yes coon skin hats....and a calendar for each member of The Circle with pictures of our adventures from the last year or two.

Too Tall-Two Timing was fascinated with the coon skin hats and before long decided that we could amend his moniker to include "Two Tail"? Let's see, Too Tall-Two Timing-Two Tailed....nah. I'm not gonna do it!

Once we exchanged gifts and enjoye
d the company for a while it was off to the restaurant. A light snow began to fall and really got everyone into the holiday mood...not that we weren't already! We were offered the choice of a square table in the main room of the restaurant or a circular table in a separate room. Being as how we are The Circle, we chose circular and it's probably a good thing as we were the only ones in that room. I sensed a little bit of curiosity from the other patrons as Guitar, Too Tall and myself filed by sporting our coon skin hats!

The dinner was excellent and the fellowship even better. We enjoyed the food and companionship for the better part of two hours and decided it was time to call it a night......with one last stop back at Guitar and Pic-E's for coffee.

It turned out to be a late night for all of us as we didn't break up until about midnight. I can easily remember the time when things were just getting going good at that time, but all of us in The Circle are well past that point in our lives.

One of the things we discussed during the dinner was potential adventures for the winter. One thing for sure will be a snow shoeing outing....just possibly a weekend up in the mountains somewhere as well...

Tomorrow I leave for Georgia and a number of days visiting my dad, The Colonel. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post while I'm on the road but I certainly will if I can.

Thanks for visiting.

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