Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Slip Slidin Away...

"Slip slidin away,
Slip slidin away,
You know the nearer your destination,
The more you're slip slidin away"

From the Paul Simon song of 1977...and that's what I'm doing this week. In spite of what I posted almost two weeks ago I'm going in to work this week, for the last few times. I had agreed with my boss when we talked about my retirement that I would return to the office for one week to take care of any transitional issues.

If work had been like this for the previous 35 years I never would have retired! It's amazing how stressless work can be when you know it's really over and you're only there to answer a few questions. I've been going in at a little after 8 am (my work-a-day routine was to be in no later than 7am) and leaving at noontime if there are no pressing matters. My face hurts because I've been smiling so much.

The last few days are just "Slip Slidin Away".

On the home front, I have determined that with all this new available time, I should be able to help The Bride with the cooking. I'm not a total klutz as my "On Our Own" series of posts will verify. I decided that perhaps some technology would be helpful in this regard so I started investigating recipe software. After browsing the web some and reading some reviews on various programs I settled on The Big Oven. It was pretty inexpensive and got good reviews....Let's see if technology can "make the man".

I don't have grandiose visions in all of this and I intend to start simple. What could be simpler that a crock pot soup? If I mess it up it will be oh so easy to dump the evidence and no one will be the wiser! So my first attempt to be Chef His-Self will be Barley Beef Soup. That will fit in fine with the weather as it's supposed to turn cold again this weekend.

If all of this works out, I make someone a good husband some day.....and I may get a hall pass for a trip in the trailer right after the new year. Hmmm, New Mexico in January....

Thanks for visiting.

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